Dinner Menu


Soup of the Day, please ask your server what todays soup is… 5

Smokin Q’s Meatballs, Sunday sauce, monterray jack, fresh rolls…7

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla , house tortilla, sweet sauce, red onion, pickles, monterray jack…10

“Quesomole”, house queso, guacamole, fajita peppers and onions, fresh chips,house salsas…11

Add chopped brisket…+3

BBQ Pork Nachos, pulled pork , monterray jack, cheddar, black bean chili, pickled jalapenos, guac…13

BBQ Brisket “Poutine”, house sauce, gravy, fries, cheddar curds, monterray jack, pickles…13



Add to any salad chicken breast…5 salmon…7 pulled pork…5 Gulf shrimp…7 


Wedge Salad, BBQ Pork belly, cherry tomato, blue cheese, house pickles, pecans, blue cheese dressing…8

Classic Caesar, Artisan romaine, garlic croutons, house dressing, romano…8

Cherry Tomato + Cucumber, red onion, house croutons, cilantro, cotija, lime vinaigrette…8

Chopped Salad, Romaine, cucumber, tomato, red onion, radish, corn, cheese, avocado, black beans, chips…8

BBQ Island, Ranch, or Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

Kale Waldorf Salad, chevre, grapes, apples, red onion, candied walnuts, orange-ginger dressing…8

Chicken Wings

Pick a sauce: Mango Habanero, Sweet&Smoky BBQ, Garlic-Pecorino, Buffalo, Dry Rub, Garlic Chili Lime

served with house blue cheese dressing, and house pickles

1/2 dzn…8

1 dzn…14


Meats are always served tender as a mother’s love and presented either:

Traditional Style-House roll, cornbread, slaw, pickles

El Jefe Style-House tortillas, Spanish rice, salsa fuego, guac, jalapenos



All Natural Beef Brisket till out…15

(sliced, “burnt ends”, or mix+1)


Slow Smoked Pulled Pork ½ lb till out…13


Frank’s House-made Jalapeno Sausage till out ½ lb…13

Texas Style Pork Spare Ribs till out 5 bone…16  10 bone…29 


1/2 Smoked Chicken

Combo Platters

All combo plates come with a choice of side or half salad, house pickles, and brioche


Brisket, Sausage, Pulled Pork, 1/4 Chicken

Spare Ribs+2, Sweet + Krispy Perch  Sweet+2 + Krispy Shrimp +2

Pick 2 

Pick 3 

Pick 4 

Sandwiches, Burgers, and Tacos

The following items are served on a house made bun

“The Hot Chick”, BBQ chicken breast, slaw, sauce, guac, pickles…10

“The Sporcaccione”,  Sliced jalapeno sausage, pulled pork,

pickles, slaw, sauce…10

“The Fat Hefer”, chopped brisket, buttermilk fried onion, queso, slaw, pickles house sauce…11

“The Lonely Mermaid”, Sweet-n-Krispy perch, slaw, pickles, mango tartar…11

Chef Z’s Fat Burger, BBQ pulled pork, Shiner braised onions, American, mustard aioli, slaw, house pickles…12

The following items are served on 2 house made tortillas

 “El Cow”, chopped beef, slaw, lime, cotija, pico, guac, salsa fuego…10

“La Porka”, pulled pork, guac, cotija, slaw, salsa verde, pico…10

“PB+J”, pork belly and jalapeno jam, slaw, quac, pico, cotija…11

“Los Birdie”, pulled chicken, cabbage slaw, salsa rojo, guac, cotija, pico…10

“The Lake Giveth” Krispy Lake Erie Perch, pickled mango tartar sauce, slaw, guac, pico, lime…11

“The Pescado”, hot smoked salmon, guac, slaw, lime-horseradish crème, black bean salsa, pico…11

“Polish Taco” House-made sausage, fries, BBQ, slaw, guac, pico…10

“Po’Nino”, crispy wild gulf shrimp, slaw, guac, mango-chili crème, pico…11

“El Veggie”, cauliflower, peppers, guac, corn, beans, salsa verde, pico, cotija, slaw…10


Q’s Baked Bean “Cassoulet”

Alyssa’s Cast Iron Cornbread,w/ black pepper-honey butter

Fried Corn, cotija, chipotle, cilantro

Crispy Brussels, horseradish crème

Spiced Cauliflower, lime, cilantro, goat cheese

Crispy Broccoli, garlic, pecorino

Sweet Potato Puree w/ pecans and bruleed house mallows

House-Cut Frites, w/ ketchup

Baked Mac+Cheese  w/3 cheese blend

Black Bean-Corn Salad

Red Cabbage-Lime Slaw

Spanish Rice cilantro, lime

Food for the Little Ones…6

Cheese Quesadilla w/ fries

Pulled Pork Sammy w/fries

Single Cheeseburger w/ fries

3 Bone Ribs w/ fries

*Prices subject to change